Millie Lies Low

A broke and anxiety-ridden architecture grad misses her flight to New York for a prestigious internship. She decides to fake having made it to New York, while laying low in her hometown, scrounging for another ticket.

Millie Lies Low began production in March 2020, and was rudely interrupted by a little worldwide pandemic. Shooting resumed in September, and the film premiered at Whānau Marama New Zealand International Film Festival 2021.

Film trivia: Michelle Savill based the eponymous Millie’s background on her own experience as a missionary kid who grew up in the Philippines and later moved to Aotearoa New Zealand. To this end, Savill’s parents were recruited to resurrect the family slides and send them to be used as props.

Director ········· Michelle Savill
Producers ········· Desray Armstrong and Angela Littlejohn
Writer ········· Michelle Savill
Co-writer  ········· Eli Kent
Starring ········· Ana Scotney, Rachel House,  Jillian Nguyen, Chris Alosio, Sam Cotton

Millie Lies Low received funding from the New Zealand Film Commission.